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Solo Show at Gallery BOM

I have a solo show from Feb 1st to 25th at Gallery BOM in Boston. Gallery BOM is at 460 Harrison Avenue, Suite B7Boston, MA 02118.

This solo show presents my recent works including In Waked Bud (2018), Ramble (2018), In the Present Moment (2018), and Tranquility (2018).

Inspired by meditation and traditional classic aesthetics such as rakuware and wabi-sabi, my oil paintings are representation of my journey to a spiritual state free from distressing extremes. I explore the scope of imagination and spiritual meditation through abstract paintings with rich colors and delicate layers captured in ambient and spiritual forms. Shapes and colors of traditional oriental pottery for tea (rakuware) are often good sources where I find symbols of spiritual nature and tranquility. Also, the concept of wabi-sabi– a balance between “wabi” (imperfection, humble and freedom from attachment) and “sabi” (austere sublimity) – helps me to find aesthetic values and harmony in natural world. My work embraces the art of imperfection and flawed natural beauty as a way to achieve the inner peace.

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